Aran Research Development & Prototypes Ltd. Founded in 1982, Aran is a leading Israeli product design and development firm and an exclusive agent of global equipment manufacturers for the plastics industry. Aran is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

What we do




Our multidisciplinary capabilities enable us to form the best team of experts adequate for the mission and to create marketable solutions for our customers

Empowered by a nurturing, collaborative work environment, Aran’s diverse team of experts combines a fresh and a multidisciplinary approach to project development and management, in accordance with ISO 9001. Our teams work together from the moment of project kickoff until completion of the final deliverable, ensuring that we deliver the optimal solution in terms of product, market, pricing and timing.



include industrial designers, mechanical, electrical, plastic and biomedical engineers, manufacturing engineers, technicians and project managers.
The people and their collaboration is our greatest asset.
Meet our team:

Aran Employees

In the community

We at Aran Research Development & Prototypes Ltd., are committed to contribute and share our knowledge and expertise in our “close environment”.
Our community involvement is as varied as our expertise. We work with academics and youth and are engaged in various philanthropic activities.

  • Undergraduate and graduate Mechanical Engineering students at Ben-Gurion University's participated in the prestigious Formula SAE students contest in Italy. The students who designed and built their race car, turn to Aran for advice and we rose to the challenge.[…]

  • The unique exhaust manifold was entirely printed in 3D printing technology by Aran. The manifold, together with other car parts, were printed in nylon 12 and help the team meet the desired goal of a low self-weight and advanced design.[…]

  • Aran is one of Ort's robotic team mentors and sponsors. Alon Nahshon, Aran's VP R&D accompanies the students during the design and fabrication stages providing professional information when needed. Aran also provides the students with parts for the robot.[…]

  • From elementary school pupils to university students, Aran welcomes students in technology studies in its facility in Caesarea. We provide the students a glimpse into the world of industry: 3D printing technologies, CNC, injection molding and more.[…]