Aran’s Development and Manufacturing Department recently upgraded to the new GOM ATOS Q, a 3D scanning camera

New at Aran – Aran’s Development and Manufacturing Department recently upgraded to the new GOM ATOS Q, a 3D scanning camera from ZEISS, along with the GOM software for data processing.
The advanced technology of the GOM ATOS Q offers unique and innovative capabilities in the manufacturing process and quality control. This new system is designed for highly accurate measurements and scanning, suitable for complex parts of various sizes.

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PLAS.TEC Magazine was published and we are on its cover!

We are proud and excited to share our cover story in PLAS.TEC magazine! The commercial department of “The Marker”, which belongs to “Haaretz” newspaper, has published a promoted magazine on the subject of the “plastic and rubber industries in Israel,” which presents the leading companies and the latest innovations.


Nanofabrica’s Tera 250 Micro AM System has now arrived at Aran Research and Development’s HQ in Caesarea, Israel. The Tera 250 Additive Manufacturing system combines precision movement system with nanometer accuracy and advanced adaptive optics.

Aran at the Military & Aviation Exhibition

Visit us at booth 3 and join Aran’s VP Operations, Amos Friedman, at his lecture: Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) – Opportunities for Designing with Almost No Boundaries

Aran at the MDI EXPO 2020

Visit us at booth 19 and join Aran’s project manager, Ziv Geller, at his lecture: From Concept to FDA Clearance – A Case Study with Great Tips for Your Next Product Development Challenge

ARAN R&D Cares About the Community

As part of Aran’s contribution to the community projects,
a special drinking cup/ bottle device installed in an electric wheelchair and was given to a young man who joined the IDF this week.

ARAN Medical Seminar 2019

Aran’s medical seminar 2019, Transforming Innovations into Marketable Products, took place on June 25, 2019, at our Caesarea facilities.

In-House or Outsourced Product Development?

Most of us face this question at one time or another. There’s no pat answer to the question. Each project has to be judged on its own merits, all the while taking company strategy into account, as well as…

Aran at Solidworks 2019

Aran presented new exciting products that have been recently developed, including the ZipThaw – a next-generation, freezer-to-vein, blood product management solution, DaVingi™ transcatheter valve repair, LU300 – a small-sized HEVC encoder, enabling to transmit high-quality video on-the-go and more…

Aran’s 2018 Medical Innovation Seminar is now Available On-line

Aran’s annual medical seminar, Navigating the Journey from Concept to Market, took place on July 4, 2018, at our Caesarea facilities and for the first time was broadcast live as a webinar. Topics included: clinical challenges in transcatheter heart valve development…

A Technology Seminar to Support Your Success

We are pleased to invite you to a technology seminar by ExxonMobil leading experts in the field of performance polymers. Join us and learn more about ExxonMobil Exceed XP, Exceed and Enable performance polyethylene polymers…

MILANO PLAST 2018 is Opening Next Week

The exhibition will last 4 days, between 29.5-1.6.18. Aran’s team will be present at the exhibition, available at your service. We would be happy to arrange a meeting with our suppliers: Engel, Piovan, Star Automation, Yudo…

CHINAPLAS 2018 is Opening in Shanghai in 2 Weeks

The exhibition will last 4 days, between 24-27.04.18. Aran’s team will be present at the exhibition, available at your service. We would be happy to arrange a meeting with our suppliers: Engel, Wintec, Piovan, TK, Star Automation, and Yudo.

ARAN at the MDI Conference

Amir Shiner, ARAN’s VP Medical Device Development, will be the moderator of the Design Track. Meytal Baron, senior designer, specializing in industrial design for the medical device in ARAN, will be one of the main speakers of the event.

YUDO Hot Runners Seminar at ARAN Facility

Hot Runners systems are developing rapidly and are undergoing technological changes that enable the production of higher quality products in shorter cycle times. We are pleased to invite you to a fascinating seminar with the international experts Jose Dantas and Fausto Esperança of YUDO, who will review the latest innovations…

ARAN at The Annual Conference for Electronic Packaging

Come visit us at the exhibition! A great opportunity to see closely the innovative projects that ARAN has developed over the last year. In addition, a fascinating lecture by Amos Friedman, director of RP at ARAN – “Design for Additive Manufacturing”…

Aran at Solidworks 2018

Aran presented new products, developed during the last year, among them: a simulator for practicing minimally invasive surgeries, an advanced communication system, a membrane testing facility for the aerospace industry, an ergonomic control unit and more…

ARAN at WATEC 2017

The 9th international professional exhibition took place in Tel Aviv convention center from September 12 – 14, 2017. During the 3 days of exhibition, companies from Israel and from around the world showcased the…


SUBMED 2017 – ARAN at the conference for Innovation in the Industry

The SUBMED exhibition for the design & manufacturing of medical device will be held on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.
Amir Shiner, ARAN’s CEO of medical devices, will participate in the main event of the exhibition – the conference for Innovation in the Industry. For more information…

Aran's Medical Seminar 2017

Aran’s Medical Seminar 2017

Aran’s annual medical seminar – Medtech Trends Shaping Innovative R&D, took place on April the 26th 2017 at our Caesarea facilities.
Topics included: regulatory shifts, innovative drug delivery, connected devices, medical robots and new polymers.

Military & Aviation 2017

Join Us at Military & Aviation 2017

Come meet our specialists at Military & Aviation Exhibition 2017. We will present a variety of advanced products, innovations and solutions that meet military standards.

The Trigger Pouch

Developed and Manufactured by Aran – Now in Iraq

The Trigger Pouch, developed and manufactured by Aran, is a unique grenade pouch which allows fighters safe and secure deployment of hand grenades in the field of duty, now in Iraq shown here used by US special forces.

Top Trends in Medical Device Design

Top 7 Trends in Medical Device Design

The products we begin to design today will be released to the market only after two to three years of intensive development; therefore, we need to recognize and anticipate today’s trends, to manufacture products that will meet the standards of future medtech markets. With this thought in mind, we set out to attend the fair; here are the top trends for 2017

ARAN is AS9100 Certified

ARAN is AS9100 Certified

We are pleased to announce that we have received the latest AS9100 certification. As a service-providing company, ARAN strives to set a high level of quality standards. The company’s quality policy is designed to ensure that its products are of the highest level of quality and reliability, in the aim of providing its customers with the highest value from their engagement with ARAN. Additional quality standards assimilated into the company are: ISO 9001 and ISO13485:2003.

Aran at Plasto Ispack 2016

Aran at Plasto Ispack 2016

The 14th International Exhibition for Plastics, Rubber & Packaging was held on June 7th – 9th, 2016 in TLV Convention Center.

Weapon Systems

Weapon Systems’ Demonstrator for RAFAEL

In recent months ARAN developed a Weapon Systems’ Demonstrator for RAFAEL. The Demonstrator was designed to be provide a realistic environment for the trainees and promoters. The Demonstrator encompasses several configurations: wheeled and track vehicle, missile and gun stations, and RAFAEL unique active protection systems.