Using Aran’s Knowhow to create advanced
medical devices

We recognize the value of the entrepreneurial spirit that motivates people to pursue a dream. That’s why we initiate and invest in our own medical startups focusing on Cardiovascular, Laparoscopy and Gastrointestinal endoscopy.

In all our innovations, we harness our own resources and experience in carrying out a lean, ultra-efficient product development process, with an ambitiously low budget and short timetables.

Our work is backed by our experienced medical R&D team, our thorough understanding of the regulatory issues, our verification and validation (V&V) testing capabilities and our pre-clinical and clinical experience.

Recent Exits

Four of our successful medical device venture spinoffs have been acquired by large multinational corporations and we are currently involved in the development and commercialization of several other medical device enterprises.

Percutaneous heart valve

Percutaneous heart valve

Established: 2002

Name of company: PVT

Ownership: 14% ARAN; 86% American and French entrepreneurs

Acquired by: Edwards Lifesciences

Year of acquisition: 2004

Sold for: $150 million

Mitral valve

Mitral valve

Established: 2005

Name of project: Mitria

Ownership: 75% ARAN; 25% additional investors

Acquired by: Edwards Lifesciences

Year of acquisition: 2005

Sold for: $1.2 million

SPOT™ Reentry Balloon Catheter

SPOT™ Reentry Balloon Catheter

Established: 2008

Name of company: S.I. Therapies

Ownership: 56% ARAN; 44% additional investors

Acquired by: Boston Scientific

Year of acquisition: 2010

Sold for: $29 million

Tool for opening of clogged blood vessels

Tool for opening of clogged blood vessels

Established: 2011

Name of company: Upstream Peripheral Technologies

Ownership: 58% ARAN; 42% additional investors

Acquired by: Spectranetics

Year of acquisition: 2013

Sold for: $35.5 million

Current Projects

Endoaid Ltd.

Established: 2013
Ownership: 66% ARAN; 34% additional investors
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CardioPass Ltd.

Established: 2015
Ownership: 50% ARAN; 50% additional investors