Piovan, headquartered in Santa Maria di Sala, Venice is founded in 1934 as a mechanical engineering company; in 1964 enters the plastics industry and specializes in the manufacturing of auxiliary equipment. The product range includes: hoppers, dehumidifiers, crystallisers, dryers, mould dehumidifiers, volumetric, gravimetric and weight loss blenders, granulators, temperature control units, supervisory software. Piovan’s evolving expertise enables it to operate in many sectors like PET Preforms & Bottles, Rigid Packaging, Automotive components, Technical parts, Medical solutions, Thermoforming & Technical Sheets, Flexible Film, Pipes, Profiles, Cables, Fibres & Strapping, Recycling & Compounds.
Over the past fifteen years, the company has become a multinational organization with production facilities in Italy, Germany, Brazil, China and USA, 26 subsidiaries and representatives for more than 70 countries and 940 collaborators worldwide.
Companies of the Piovan Group are: Universal Dynamics (USA), FDM (Germany), Energys (Italy), Aquatech (Italy) Penta (Italy).

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