Aran’s Medical Seminar 2016 – Innovations in Medical Device Development in the era of Personalized Medicine

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The second medical seminar was held at our Caesarea facility in May 2016 and covered various aspects of developing personalized medical devices. Excellent lectures by leading speakers, who presented case studies and examples with an audience of senior medtech management and R&D staff made the day.
Topics included New Therapeutic Entities and the future of drug delivery solutions as led by Teva Pharmaceuticals, tissue engineering and biodegradable polymers for implants, the use of 3D modelling in orthopedic oncology applications and human-centered medical device design methodologies.

The speakers

  • Dr. Menashe Levy, VP, Chief Technology Officer, Global R&D, Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr. Shai Garty, R&D Management, Consultant to Medical Device Companies, Polymer Chemistry
  • Dr. Shlomo Dadia and Dr. Amir Sternheim, Senior Orthopedic Surgeons, The National Orthopedic Oncology Department, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
  • Meytal Baron, Senior Industrial Designer and Project Manager, Aran

click here for more information about the lectures and speakers.
See you all in our next medical seminar.