Carmel Diagnostics collaborates with Aran R&D to win a €2.7M grant from Europe’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

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Predicting embryo’s chances to successfully become a healthy pregnancy is the holy grail of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Carmel Diagnostics has developed a non-invasive diagnostic tool that helps determine the competence of individual embryos prior to transfer. The Technology gives an accurate indication which allows separating healthy embryos from weak ones and therefore helps determine the outcome of IVF.

ARAN R&D will provide Carmel Diagnostics comprehensive product design and development services including all mechanical and industrial design, hardware and software development as well as transfer to mass production and the manufacture of an initial series of systems.

Horizon 2020 through a dedicated SME instrument found this technology to be of high-potential for innovation and granted Carmel with Aran as its R&D partner with some €2.7M to complete the development process and face the global market.

Failure rates for IVF remain high and the need for effective embryo selection increases.

Single embryo transfer is shown to be more effective than multiple embryo transfers. However, the inability to precisely estimate the reproductive potential of an individual embryo has led practitioners to perform multiple embryo transfers (MET) to maintain or enhance pregnancy rates.


The challenge: How to find the embryo that has a better chance to achieve pregnancy.

Until now, there have been no reliable, biologically-based methods to distinguish between viable and non-viable embryos. With the goal of identifying embryos of high reproductive potential, Carmel’s technology meets this need by providing a quantitative assessment of an embryo’s reproductive potential. This allows the practitioner to maintain or improve pregnancy rates while reducing the incidence of multiple births.