Developed and Manufactured by Aran – Now in Iraq

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The product was developed and manufactured by Aran, now in Iraq shown here used by US special forces.

The Trigger Pouch, a unique grenade pouch which allows fighters safe and secure deployment of hand grenades in the field of duty, developed by Aran for A.C.S. – Advanced Combat Solutions. The pouch allows for quick and safe action – especially crucial in the world of fighting terrorism where every second is critical. The “Grenade Trigger Pouch” simplifies the operation of a grenade and improves the extraction speed of a grenade while insuring the safety of fighters in extreme combat situations.

Injection molds, assembly and integration made by Aran and these days we are  working on additional models.

A.C.S - Grenade Trigger Pouch developed and manufactured by Aran
In the picture, published in the New York Times – the trigger Pouch in use by the American military personnel in Iraq