New at ARAN – 3D printed molds!

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ARAN offers its customers an innovative 3D printing service – 3D printed molds –  manufacture of models by injection in printed molds. In this process, ARAN provides its customers with a “real” part!!! and not a printed model. No more compromises by finding printable substitutes for original product materials or completions with machined parts; rather, production of a printed mold, in a short time, simulating the real mold. Product designers who want to check the engineering design may do so with the original material they intended to use. As an integral part of its mold printing services, ARAN also performs injection of the part from within the printed mold, with the material and color of the customer’s choice.

Parts successfully injected at ARAN using this process, were from the following materials: Polypropylene, Tritan nylon with glass fiber, TPR, ABS, POM, PC, and more.