Successful Launch: AstroRad Shield That Protects Astronauts

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From now on, astronauts can feel much calmer!
STEMRAD’s innovative space vest “AstroRad” was launched on November 2, 2019 to the space station, where during the 6-9 months the vest will undergo ergonomic testing by 3-4 astronauts. The AstroRad vest, made in Israel, developed and designed in collaboration with Aran R&D, predicting great success in protecting astronauts from space radiation.

Article from The Marker Newspaper on Successful Launch:

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More information about the space vest “AstroRad”:

below you can find the official video: ISS National Lab Research Overview – AstroRad Vest
Lockheed Martin Corporation, in collaboration with StemRad will test the performance of the AstroRad radiation shielding vest on crew members onboard the ISS. The AstroRad Vest, launching on Northrop Grumman CRS-12, selectively protects organs most sensitive to radiation exposure—with a focus on protecting stem cell concentrations within those organs. Knowledge gained from this investigation could aid in the development of shielding technologies for patients on Earth receiving radiation treatments and personnel who work in areas where radiation exposure is a risk. Source: An official Comment of ISS National Lab YouTube Channel to this video
ISS National Lab Research Overview – AstroRad Vest